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The 3 in 5 Plan

This section will contain posts that will tell the story of how God promised and fulfilled 3 children in 5 years after we were told by doctors that this would be medically impossible.  Our first was adopted and God provided some pretty cool confirmations of his being placed with us. Then two natural born children.  All within 5 years and all promised ahead of time.

Another part of our family story that will be not forgotten and must be told is the 2 in 1 Plan.  Not sure if it gets included in this section or gets one of its own! Pretty amazing stuff! 🙂

Here below are the links to The sites 3 in 5 Plan posts in the order you should read them.

#1 – The 3 in 5 Plan: First Glance – This is an overview of the 3 in 5 Plan, an introduction to an amazing true story of God’s unexpected promise of 3 miracles all to happen withing the span of 5 years.

#2 – The 3 in 5 Plan:  Shower Talk – This post describes the birth of the 3 in 5 Plan, an event that happened in the shower on day in the summer of 1984.  God spoke after being reminded by yours truly of Abraham and God’s ability to bring children… my only request was… Please don’t wait till I’m 100 years old, I would like to play with my kids.  That’s when it happened…  during shower talk!

#3 – 3 in 5: Super-[natural]-size it for You, Son?This post addresses the issue of asking God for supernatural confirmation for the first child.  We were already seeking adoption before the word came.  This also tells of how condemnation was averted in our adoption quest. Some might has said why adopt, you should wait for the “natural-born” miracle child.

#4 – 3 in 5: Road Through Bethany – Now that we had the PROMISE and the PRAYER it was time for some practical pieces of the PLAN to fall into place.  Little did we know that rather than us finding the adoption agency God was bringing the adoption to us and to our friends the Ecelbargers.  Bethany Christian Services came on the scene at just the right time.  They decided to open up a new office in Northern Virginia just as we were looking for the right adoption option!

#5 – 3 in 5: The Unexpected Home Study Healing – Now that we were officially pursuing adoption with Bethany Christian Services it was now time to proceed with the extensive process known as the “home study”. Little did I know when the Bethany Adoption Social Worker, Pat Gibson asked me to write a brief description of my family years I would be entering into a time of profound pyschological and spiritual healing!


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