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The 3 in 5 Plan: Shower Talk

Shower talk?!? Yeah, I talk in the shower, for sure… that’s when a lot of my significant conversations with God take place.  I don’t know, some people sing in the shower (one of the few places where almost everyone sounds good!)… some hum (easier on the ears)… some scrub in silence… but me, I talk to the King of the Universe.

Somehow the hot water flowing over my head relaxes me and I’m suddenly pouring out my heart about something that’s bothering me.  Or there’s a great need I know about and I’m asking God to please, please do something about it.  Then there are times when all seems right with the world and I’m thanking my Creator for all His love and all the good stuff that is happening.  And sometimes… He talks back!

Yeah, I admit it.  I am one of those folks you rather not run into.  What do you do or what can you say when someone says to you, “God spoke to me?”  Oh, that’s really nice… uh, was it like audible?  Or do you say, “Hey I think I left an egg frying on the hood of my car and I think it’s done… uh, it’s an experiment… you know it’s been five days of 100 degrees outside and I really should get it… so see you later, OK?”

Telling someone you heard from God can be scary for the person who did the listening (like me!).  Did I really hear?  How can I know?   People will think I’m crazy… especially if it’s predictive.  Thoughts like that go through your head.  But then there’s also the feeling of assurance, confidence and faith that you know are not natural to you. Such are the promises of God when they are personal and powerful. And if the conversation is something you do on a regular basis you begin to know the “voice”.  Sometimes audible but most of the time there are impressions, pictures or key words.  Or just a calming Yes or a gentle NO.

When I went into the shower that day in June of 1984 I began to talk to God about the dilemma my wife Nora and I faced.  The first 3 in 5 Plan blog tells how we were diagnosed as acutely infertile.  I said, “God I know you can do miracles and all kinds of wondrous things like give us natural-born children just like with Abraham and Sarah in the Old Testament.”  I expressed my confidence in what God has done and what he can do… however I added a personal caveat in that I wanted… I said, Abraham was real old, over 100 and I’d really like to have some fun time with my kids at a much younger age.  Is there anything we can do about it?

And that’s when it happened… I believe I heard God say that He would give me 3 children in 5 years.  One would be adopted, one natural-born and one he was not going to tell me!  It was not a wishy-washy faint impression… it was strong and specific.  I was amazed and quite taken aback.  I did not expect such a communication though of course I had hoped for one just like this!  Thus the 3 in 5 Plan was born.

After the shower I found my wife, Nora to tell her the news. Her response was one of delight.  She had already been looking through the eyes of faith at the promise of a natural-born child.  In fact she had written an entry in her journal with the expectation of the baby’s future arrival.

We had been praying about adoption.  The adoption idea didn’t start with the infertility but blossomed during our engagement on a beautiful day trip along Skyline drive. We both expressed a desire to adopt a child in the future, maybe even more than one!  Little did we know what the future would hold.  And little did we know that God was preparing our hearts for what was to come. This made pursuing adoption so much easier.  A future post will feature our adoption journey with some insights and advice when considering that option.

Since our infertility was confirmed, we had been seeking God for direction and encouragement.  Exploring scripture through a Bible Study by Bryn Jones on Faith we came across a verse that stirred vision and hope and planted expectant faith in our hearts.  It helped produce the fertile soil from which the 3 in 5 Plan would sprout.  It comes from the book of Isaiah, verse 18 of chapter 8…

“Behold, I and the children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, who dwells on Mount Zion.” Isaiah 8:18

For signs…  and for wonders!  I never cease being amazed at what God has done!   That day years ago a promise was born… 3 children for signs and wonders in 5 years! Now that’s a real shower talk revelation!


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2 thoughts on “The 3 in 5 Plan: Shower Talk

  1. Lariah on said:

    Totally cool! Dan does that too- talks to God in the shower. You raised him right 🙂

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