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The 3 in 5 Plan: First Glance

Daniel, Tessa, Chip, Tony & Sasha

The 3 in 5 plan is the true life story of how God personally intervened in the lives of Chris and Nora  Lutyk.  It’s the unexpected miracle that started with the very bad news that we could not have children through normal means.  In fact after we were seen by the fertility specialist at Georgetown University Medical Center in 1983, he sat us down and said, “Come back in ten years and maybe the medical technology will have caught up to your problem”!  No standard in-vitro plans, no special procedures, no modern day scientific breakthroughs were offered to us at that time or have been offered to us since.  We were on our own.

Well not really.  Both Nora and I had a strong faith in God and we belonged to a  supportive church family.  We had gotten married in 1980 and subsequently I came on staff at Fairfax Covenant Church (today it is called Sovereign Grace Church of Fairfax) doing Youth Ministry and Worship. As Christians we believed that God still performed miracles and we trusted that He would guide us in the right direction.

Chip, Daniel & Anthony 1991

The essentials of the 3 in 5 plan were quite simple.  One day God put it on our hearts that we would have 3 children in 5 years… one adopted, one natural born and one that he would not tell us… it would be a surprise.  This happened in June, 1984.  Of course the doctors had told us that the natural born child part could not happen naturally… or scientifically.  So we are talking at least one miracle!

Anthony (meaning “inestimable”) came to us through adoption in September 1985 (He had been born on August 6th). We prayed that God would do some very special things to confirm to all that his becoming a part of our family was planned by Him.  God did some amazing things for us, details forthcoming in other blogs!  When Anthony was 8 months old we had the “it’s blue, it’s blue” event.  This is the color of a positive result of the home pregnancy test that Nora took in April of 1986.  Needless to say we were dancing  and laughing joyfully upon seeing the result.

Chip was born in December 27, 1986.  But not without a scare along the way.  Nora had a mild stroke the day after Thanksgiving that year.  But God was merciful and gracious on our behalf and Chip was protected.  Nora recovered quickly…fast enough to have a natural childbirth much to the chagrin of her pediatrician who had wanted at least an epidural to ease the delivery after a 27 hour labor.

The final child of the 3 in 5 plan was the trickiest for us.  Should we adopt or should we hold out for another miracle pregnancy?  No clue from God on this one.  One evening in December of 1988 Nora and I sat at Anita’s Mexican restaurant discussing possible adoption scenarios.  I had suggested Filipino but that day we found out that the Philippines had just closed off all foreign adoptions.  We had entertained Korean adoption but that didn’t seem on target. Nora had suggested the possibility of a bi-racial American adoption. Time was running out if we were to start the adoption process and fulfill the 3 in 5.  We asked ourselves often if adoption at this time was taking control of the plan rather than continuing to put our faith in God’s promise.  All the doors seemed closed.

I didn’t have to wait long for one to open.  Nora had already taken her home pregnancy test earlier in the day and she knew it was positive.  So running out of options that night presented the perfect opportunity for her to announce that she was pregnant again!!

Our third son, Daniel, was born July 30, 1989.  Again this was a natural birth but we almost didn’t make the hospital in time after stopping for film (film!?! hard to say that word with everything digital these days!) at the local CVS a couple of blocks from the hospital.  But all turned out well.

Indeed it had.  I went to the doctor after both Chip and Daniel’s births to verify that nothing had changed with my condition.  They confirmed it again and again.  One doctor explained that my wife must be extremely fertile! Miraculously so I replied grinning ear to ear!

We are so very thankful to God for putting faith in our hearts and not only doing something wonderful and miraculous but also by telling us ahead of time.  I look forward to adding more details to the story over the next few months.  The 3 in 5 Plan has some marvelous twists and turns and surprises and is filled with good and faithful friends and family.  Can’t wait to tell you more of the story!


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4 thoughts on “The 3 in 5 Plan: First Glance

  1. Christine Heacock on said:

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the story! God is so faithful!

  2. Lariah on said:

    I can’t wait to read the rest! I find it fascinating how God can always leave things up to faith in the end- even if he gives you part of the story, you never know how it’ll all work out just that it will- somehow.

    • Thanks, Lariah. I think you’ll enjoy the other ones. I will be doing at least one portrait of each son in regards to the 3 in 5. Daniel’s got a great story especially since he was the “mystery” child (didn’t know how he would come!). What’s so cool is that each one plays a unique and special part in God’s promise.

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