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3 in 5: Road Through Bethany

[Jesus] came to Bethany where Lazarus was, whom Jesus had raised from the dead.

 Now we had the PROMISE… God had spoken, 3 children in 5 years.  And we had the PRAYER… asking God for supernatural signs to accompany the first child’s adoption.  Now what we needed was the next step in the PLAN which was to find an adoption agency that God had prepared in advance.   Which one would it be?

Nora and I had already gone through a very informative and comprehensive introduction to adoption curriculum called “PACE” (Parents Adopting Children Everywhere)We were well equipped now to make a decision.  Would it be Korean?  Would it be European?  Romanian or even Polish? An US adoption was not out of the question but the wait time could be a bit prohibitive.

My Polish mother was none too keen on a foreign adoption.  Even a Polish adoptee didn’t assuage her fears.  “They give you the sick and the problem children they don’t want,”  I’d hear her say in her Zsa Zsa Gabor accented English (Gabor was Hungarian but my mom and Zsa Zsa shared accents… and class and beauty and puffy blonde hair, too!)  However we were not deterred!

After some discussion and prayer we decided to investigate Korean adoptions.  We had heard some very positive things about Holt International Children’s Services during the PACE course.  If I remember correctly it was August when we decided to drive north to pay Holt a visit in Keystone state of Pennsylvania. Holt does not have any main offices in Virginia or Maryland.

Everything we experienced there was positive.  The wait time would not be as long as a domestic adoption.  So we came home upbeat thinking that this might be God’s plan.  Heck, Nora started dreaming about a Korean child within a few days!

Sometimes dreams are prophetic and sometimes dreams are the subconscious processing stuff and sometimes it’s the pizza with too many exotic toppings!  Turned out it wasn’t the first reason!  Soon a discovery would come that would change all our plans!

Manassas Baptist Church

Our friends Frank and Liz had been pursuing adoption at the same time as we were.  Seems they were one step ahead of us!

One day Liz called Nora with some very exciting news…  a National Christian Adoption agency was opening up a new office in Northern Virginia . She and Frank had gotten on the brand new waiting list and there was a meeting happening next week!

Bethany Christian Services, a national adoption organization were already in Virginia with an existing office in Richmond.  However they wanted to expand to Northern Virgina and their first information meeting was going to held at Manassas Baptist Church.

Little did we know that rather than us finding the adoption agency God was bringing the adoption to us and to our friends the Ecelbargers.  Bethany Christian Services came on the scene at just the right time. We didn’t need to be told twice, we were signed up and on our way!

Frank and Liz would be called first.  They’re adoption process started that fall and in less than a year they would bringing home a beautiful son, Nathan.  We would be called a little later.  Together Nathan and our son Anthony would be the Bethany Boys!

An another unexpected blessing would be our Bethany case worker, Pat Gibson, a wonderful lady from our church who would be the one to guide through the process. She would carry out our interviews and home study, introduce us to the foster parents and then present us with our wonderful son, Anthony.  As you can see, Pat was a very special person in our lives.

Interestingly enough, some years later I would officiate at her son, John’s wedding.  He would marry the young lady, Jeannine who when Anthony was 3 years old would rent a room from us at our townhouse on Buffie Court.  She would become a precious part of our family life with a friendship that endures till this day.

Our God moves in marvelous and sometimes mysterious ways.  As they say, there are no coincidences in the kingdom!


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