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Hello world!

Yes, folks it’s here!  The World of Lu is finally upon you.  Hopefully you will enjoy visiting quite often and sharing in the adventures of us who have been happily, amazingly and sometimes frustratingly placed in the family Lu, known as Lutyk in the proper English speaking world and more importantly for IRS purposes.

The World of Lu promises to be insightful, frivolous and good-hearted… maybe even funny.  Initially I will be looking back at some significant milestones in the life of this people called Lu.  There’s Fishnet, there’s Mary Washington, there’s Death Walk (yes, that’s right!) there’s Elena calling Meeester Kreese on the phone, there’s Carlos Mendoza and a song called “In Your Holy Place”.  We’ll look at fun stuff like the 3 in 5 Plan and Nora’s letter that got us a new job!  Don’t worry we’ll be doing current stuff too! So check in often.  The World of Lu will be linked to our extended family of Facebook friends.

One more thing… the tagline as they call it is significant too.  It came to me recently, early one Saturday morning…  “Creating a digital heritage for the past, the present and future.”  I have no diary and there is no stash of love letters communicating to far off lands, no books I’ve penned or even yearly Christmas updates.  No recordings or videos, maybe some pictures crammed into disorganized boxes and manila envelopes. So this, God willing, will be an offering to The World of Lu of reflections, musings and anecdotes and remembrances that may one day be collected and reflected upon as a way of recalling the good things of a rich family history and the blessings and providence of a loving Lord of all.


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