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Flew, Dawkins & God

NOTE: As you can see I have re-posted Flew, Dawkins & God from another blog. I highly recommend it.

I am very interested in what is happening with the “new atheists” or whatever they are called.  I’ve had a few encounters with their materials including Dawkins but also with other places on the web. 

I recommend Reasonable Faith site with William Lane Craig as a good resource for apologetic resources and videos and transcripts from debates he has had with notable atheists.

With All I Am

In There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind”, the British philosophy professor, late Antony Flew, shared his reasons for converting from atheism to deism.

“We must follow the argument wherever it leads”, a principle that Plato attributed to Socrates, was the norm to which Flew followed (Flew 2007: 46).  With increasing evidences of the teleological argument, Flew had to change his position.

“I must say again that the journey to my discovery of the Divine”, explained Flew, “has thus far been a pilgrimage of reason.”(Flew 2007: 155). He further expounded,

Science qua science cannot furnish an argument for God’s existence. But the three items of evidence we have considered in this volume the laws of nature, life with its teleological organization, and the existence of the universe can only be explained in the light of an Intelligence that explains both its own…

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