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London: George Lane – the First Years

Wow! Are we really going back to London!

Londontown visit is on the horizon.  I hope to visit the area where I lived my first 2 1/2 years.  My mom told me that we lived at 6 George Lane in the London Bourough of Lewisham.

My birth certificate states that I was born in Lewisham and that I was baptized at the Catholic Church there. Hopefully we’ll get to visit and take some pics.  I haven’t found any photos of the outside of the townhouse yet.

My mom, Danuta and her older sister Hala and their mom Janina (who we kids called Babcia aka Grandma) lived in Lewisham.  Eventually Hala marries Wlodzimierz and Danuta marries Zygmunt (later US spelling – Sigmund) and the both get pregnant.  Hala’s due date  for her baby was to be sooner that her sister’s but… Danuta’s baby, Chris was born premature and beat Hala’s baby, Christine by a month (June – July!)

Kid Preemie with Mom (Danuta) & Dad (Zygmunt)

It just dawned on me why my mom was going to call me Adam. Her sister had picked Christine and so my mom defered to her so that there wouldn’t be two Chris’ running around the row house!   And fittingly Hala as the older sister was going to have her baby first.  But it looks like my dad had no such loyalties. When I arrived ahead of schedule he didn’t mind calling his son Chris… ahead of Hala!  Of course he had to override my mom who had already talked to the hospital staff. She could always say it wasn’t her fault… see, look at the birth certificate!  So the duality of Adam/Chris was born!

And thus my grandfather who was greatly beloved by Danuta (and of course Hala, but I never talked to her about it) was given his first grandchild (and grandson) through the younger sister.  I’ll have to talk to Christine to check in with her to see if she knew of any sibling rivalry.

Christine, Aunt (Ciocia) Hala, Babcia (Janina) (l to r)

Unfortunately any potential for preferential treatment ended when my grandfather died of lung cancer within a year or so.

My cousin Christine, my mom’s sister Hala (and her husband) and my mom’s mother Janina would stay in London for a number of years after my mom and dad and me left.

I have never been back to George Lane since though I have been back to London for a day some time ago.  Hopefully I will get some good pictures.

My mom and dad somewhere in London

Happy the war is over… My mom with friends in Paris (I am told!)


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2 thoughts on “London: George Lane – the First Years

  1. Lariah on said:

    What awesome photos!!!! I love old photography! You were like a detective in London- like Scooby Doo- figuring it all out 🙂

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