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Facebook, Be Patient With Me!

Welcome the new FaceBucket!

“I am sorry FaceBucket (I mean Facebook) I have no pictures to upload today… please be patient with me.”

In this present age of Tweet where economy of words is paramount (at least per each Twitter offering) a new phenomenon has dawned on the digital horizon.  I call it Uploadmania!

Recording artist and Classic Rock fave, Rod Stewart once sang, “Every picture tells a story, don’t it!?!”  And there’s a saying we all have heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Today many Facebook Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Friends of Friends are taking those sayings to heart and have been uploading hundreds of stories and millions of words each hour… all via photo uploads!

You may say… “Chris, you must be arriving late to the revolution! Folks have been uploading digi-pics to the web liberally and in quantity like forever.”  Well, OK… I can’t argue that but that upload revolution started with Snapfish, Shutterfly and Photobucket and the like.  The digital camera revolutionized how we processed photos.  Most if not all Kodak processing plants are now out of business as a result.   Online storage of digital images with the ability to edit and organize and then advertize to friends and family transformed how we ordinary humans did photography and photo-sharing. And who even needs online storage… I get emails with ten to twenty pics from people I know from around the world!

To my way of thinking the digital world changed significantly with the proliferation of the Smart Phone.  But not just a phone that can surf the web or even update your status.  It’s the Smart Phone camera that has evolved and become a legitimate force in capturing real life photos.  Not only that it has the advantage over the camera in that it does not need to be connected to a computer to download the pics.

All you need to do is focus, snap, save and upload the latest photo to your FaceBook or Twitter account.  If your’e only a little techno-savvy you’ve got a web shortcut already set up on your phone that always has you logged in! 

Then again why limit yourself… snap you and your friends in the car, beside the car and on top of the car.  Capture your lunch or your dessert or your fancy drink in a series of still shots!  Oh and I don’t have to tell you to photograph your child (or grand -child!), do I? I think I have seen more baby pictures in one week on FB than I have in my previous 25+ years of having children.  Good thing I like kids!

The self-portrait has skyrocketed to new heights.  Arms length photography took a major leap with the reverse lens being added.  Now all your FB buddies can see themselves in the view screen BEFORE snapping the shot.  A vast improvement… since then profile pic morphing occurs on an noticeably accelerated pace.

 And who knew we needed a super mobile phone photo app like Instagram. Boom! This app allows you to save, edit and apply filters to your mobile device photos before uploading! This is so awesome, folks, Facebook is buying it!  For $1 billion!

But it gets better.  Even before Facebook closes the deal on their Instagram purchase they released their own app called Facebook Camera (for iOS but soon for Android) that allows FB-ers to edit and filter their photos before upload.  And if you can’t decide which photo to upload FB Camera lets you upload a bunch at a time! The upload revolution kicks into a higher gear!

So FB will offer both apps in competition with each other! Effectively saying, we don’t care how you upload your photos, just upload. Upload often, upload much! 

So I say they ought to rename the site “FaceBucket” in honor of the steady stream of pics I see uploaded each day, having steadily increased over the last 18-24 months.  Not just individually but in FB multi-packs!  And if that isn’t enough grab your iPad and start snapping away.  The most recent iteration was almost all about the camera and screen resolution (so you can ooh and ahh over the photos you upload with even greater eagle-eye clarity!)

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is amazing.  My gripe is that I’m so rotten at taking photos these days.  Can’t even take zoom lens graduation pictures correctly with a hi-tech digital camera.  And forget me and my smart phone… somehow I get nothing but grainy pictures from my Stratosphere.  But I love to see photos quickly and easily on FB these days especially if they are ones of my son Daniel and his beautiful lady Lariah getting married.  Hey, I’m even in a few of them! 

So thanks for uploading.  FaceBucket, I mean Facebook thanks you too!


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2 thoughts on “Facebook, Be Patient With Me!

  1. Nora Lutyk on said:

    Just wait until you have grandchildren, buddy! 😉

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